Furniture Trailer (3.2 x 1.6 x 2.0m)

Perfect for moving all sorts of furniture

  • Half Day, Full Day, multi-day, monthly and trade hire options available
  • FREE delivery*
  • Ask us about our special Weekend rates!

*within a 5km radius of our store (all other areas @ $2.30/km)

  • When travelling with a loaded trailer you must be capable of stopping within 7 metres from a speed of 30 km/hr
  • When towing trailer you must not exceed 90km/hr
  • Where possible avoid excessive braking while cornering as this may cause losing control and jack-knifing
  • Use a lower gear when travelling down hill to help prevent the trailer pushing the tow vehicle while braking
  • Never tow with the park brake on
  • Allow more distance to overtake and avoid cutting off the overtaken vehicle when returning to your lane
  • Care must be taken not to hold up following traffic unnecessarily – pull over where possible
  • Never overload a trailer, this is one of the main causes of accidents when trailers are involved
  • The load must not exceed 1.25m from the centre line of the trailer
  • Any load that exceeds more than 1.0m behind the trailer must have a clearly visible flag attached to it
  • To avoid swaying large masses should be concentrated slightly forward of the axle of the trailer and as low as possible
  • The driver of the vehicle on which the trailer is attached is responsible for ensuring all loads are legally secured while in transit