Rammer – Mikasa MT63W 65kg Foot

The Mikasa MTX-60 tamping rammer is a powerful compacting tool capable of applying a tremendous force
in consecutive impacts to a soil surface. Its applications include soil compacting for road, embankments and
reservoirs as well as backfilling for gas pipelines, water pipelines and cable installation work.
The impact force of the MTX-60 levels and uniformly compacts voids between soil particles to increase dry
density. Circular motion is converted to create impact force. The MTX-60 tamping rammer develops a powerful compacting force at the foot of the rammer. To maintain optimum performance, proper operation is essential

  • Half Day, Full Day, multi-day, monthly and trade hire options available
  • FREE delivery*
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*within a 5km radius of our store (all other areas @ $2.30/km)

  • Use extreme caution and always be aware of ground subsidence with compaction vibration transfer
  • Ensure there are no foreign objects (IE: wire, steel, electrical cables, water pipes etc buried shallow)
  • Keep children away from work area
  • Hold rammer with both hands
  • Make sure you have a firm footing when operating
  • Do not spill fuel
  • Do not allow inexperienced people to operate the machine
  • Ensure hands, feet and loose clothing are kept clear from moving parts of the rammer
  • Ensure the work area is clear of any obstacles, steep gradients or uneven ground