Building Equipment

Air Die Grinder (SP)

For grinding or cutting steel or masonary etc. You can modify most steel with it, comes with other attachments

Drum Sander

Awesome for sanding down large and small areas of wood

Dumpy Level – CST Berger

Used to take fast easy levels of building sites

Ear Muffs

These are a must when you are using any equipment that is of high noise, great protection, please enquire when you come in store.

Edger Sander

For preparing the timber floors before varnishing or recovering

Jig Saw

For cutting timber and steel sheet where curves are required.

Laser Level – L4.7 Magnum

For taking fast and accurate levels on building or construction sites.

Rivet Gun (SP)

For fastening of a variety of materials.


The professionals tool for rebating, grooving, recessing and chanfering as well as template cutting in wood and plastics.